Why is the IR illuminator a wise choice?

With the criminality rate on the rise and the economic instability accentuating as we speak, more and more homeowners are expressing concern for the security of their home and assets. Unfortunately, calling the police doesn’t always guarantee that the perpetrator is caught or that your goods are returned. To avoid unpleasant situations, it is advisable to install a home security system. Apart from the fact that it records every movement on camera, it also intimidates potential burglars, so that they will back off when noticing it. A common misconception is that a camera satisfies all security needs and that you don’t need to buy any other accessory. While this may be true for some expensive, state of the art devices, it should be pointed out that, more often than not, the best protection comes when you also invest in an IR illuminator.

It is common knowledge that few burglary attempts occur in broad daylight and that thieves usually wait for the night to fall. Therefore, a security camera becomes almost useless without the proper light. If you find that IR cameras exceed your financial possibilities, you can easily solve the problem by purchasing an IR light source. The camera plus the illuminator often cost less than a state of the art security system and this way you save a lot of money, while at the same time keeping your home protected. You can also think of purchasing the accessory if you already have an old camera which still delivers excellent performance and you don’t want to replace it. It’s clear that better lighting leads to better accuracy and, in case someone trespasses your property, the camera will show you exactly who he/she is.

Infra-red illuminators have a long range and they can rotate to various projecting angles. This way, the camera will record every movement perfectly and you will not see any dark areas. It functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Needless to say, these devices are heavy duty and they can withstand heat, rain or wind. Even though IR light sources are mainly used outdoors, they can be placed indoors too, or in any place which has low lighting.

Installing the IR illuminator is quite simple and you can do it yourself by following the instructions given by the manufacturer. However, keep in mind that, for accurate results, you should perform the installation at night, so that you can properly adjust the IR visibility. Although they are very affordable, infrared illuminators can really make the difference in terms of security. No matter the neighborhood you live in, security experts strongly recommend you to install surveillance systems, as this prevention method is highly effective and can contribute to a safer environment for you and your family. The popularity of security cameras and IR light sources among residential clients doesn’t mean that these devices can’t be used by business owners. On the contrary, every commercial property needs protection and a stable surveillance system is one of the first purchases that should be.

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