CMVision IR40 WideAngle 120 Feet 4pc Power LED IR Array Illuminator

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  • CMVision IR40 WideAngle 120 Feet 4pc Power LED IR Array Illuminator
  • CMVision IR40 WideAngle 120 Feet 4pc Power LED IR Array Illuminator
  • CMVision IR40 WideAngle 120 Feet 4pc Power LED IR Array Illuminator
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Cmvision IR40 Wideangle Distance Up to 120 Feet 4pc Power LED Ir Array Illuminator 

Only sensitive with Sony or Sharp CCD Camera and lots of IP CMOS camera do not work with 850nm wavelength. 

Allow your camera to see in total darkness. This is a simple and effective way of discreetly illuminating an area (up to 120 feet in distance) where monochrome cameras are operating in the dark. Simply power the unit and position it in the direction of images being viewed and you will turn night into day for the camera. Since IR-Illumination can't be perceived or seen by the human eye it is perfect for covert applications or applications where you don't want visible lighting. This high quality IR-Illuminator has a weatherproof aluminum housing for both indoor or outdoor use.

  • Automatic CDS power control auto-powers unit only in low light situations for detecting & monitoring
  • Built-in 4 high power IR LEDs Array, Support 12V DC input voltage,Ideal for outdoor/Indoor IP65 case
  • Allow monochrome camera to see in total darkness,Install and use in minutes
  • Photo sensor for Sony or Sharp CCD Camera,IR range upto 120 feet (40 meters) 850nm wave length
  • Perfect Portable IR Illuminator for Night Vision



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Additional Information

Outdoor / Indoor
Power Source:
DC 12V
Power Consumption:
View Angle:
Power On:
Activate Lux 10 Lux
Infrared range:
up to 20-30 M(Night Vision)
Infrared wavelengths:
Net Weight:
Storage Temperature:
-30~+60℃ RH95% Max
Operating Temperature:
-10~+50℃ RH95% Max
Manufacturer Warranty:
1 Year Limited Warranty
According to physical construction and view of infrared lights,infrared lights should be installed on wall,bracket (or PTZ controller).In order to make infrared lights effective,best time for installation would be night time.The goal is to adjust
The illuminator has a wired power input socket.The center of the socket is positive pole. The socket is connected to 12V DC power supplier.
To ensure longer lifetime and more efficient,infrared light must be used with stable 12V DC power source.The voltage range should bewithin 12V 5%,if voltage is too high the infrared lights will be damaged,if voltage is too low,the infrared lights
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2 Reviews

  • 4
    Nice device. Need better specs.

    Posted by Daniel Williams on 27th Aug 2018

    I have purchased 3 of these little lights so far for use as near infrared medical devices. The compact size, relatively high irradiance, and modest build up of heat make them very suitable for this application where IR energy needs to be directed to a small area. However, on the CM website power consumption is stated to be 10W. On the "user manual" sheet included with the product power consumption is stated to be 4W. This represents a stunning discrepancy. A reviewer metered the power drawn and got 8W. Not confidence inspiring.

  • 5
    Puts out bright and evenly distributed light with no hot spots

    Posted by Jim R. on 5th Dec 2016

    I have several IR4 illumionators and I've been happy with them but I thought I'd give the IR40 a try. I am very impressed with the LED array design on this illuminator and doubt I'll ever buy an IR4 again. The IR40 puts out bright and very evenly distributed light across my entire scene with no hot spots. For both brightness and the evenness of the light distribution, the IR 40 beats the IR4 by a mile. The web spec says this draws 10 watts, but the one I have draws around 8 watts total according to my kill-a-watt meter, including losses in the 12v power supply. A 2 amp 12v supply would probably be your best bet for extra margin. In the field, I have this at the end of a 300' POA ethernet cable along with a 1080p IP camera (5 watts), powered by a 48v to 12v 15 watt POE splitter. So far no problems.

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